Our services extend beyond obstetrics and gynecology. Through dedicated care and our commitment to our patients, we deliver the highest quality of service in a pleasing and comfortable environment with warm and courteous staff.

The pride of our practice is in our ability to bring every level of maternal care to our patients during pregnancy, labor, and after birth.
Pregnancy Ultrasounds 
Fetal Monitoring 
Delivery Services
Our gynecology services include the comprehensive management of women’s health and reproductive system conducted with care and compassion by our expert female doctor.
Fertility Assessments
Pap Smears 
HPV Testing 
Ultrasounds: Fibroids, Cysts, Pelvic Pain 
Vaginal Swabs 
STD Testing 
Birth Control Management 
Urine Assessments
Our OB-GYN, Dr. Sandra Boxill is also a trained surgeon, qualified to perform a wide range of surgical procedures, which include:
Key Hole Surgery
Fibroid Removal/Myomectomy
Cyst Removal/Cystectomy
LEEP for Abnormal Paps