What They are saying

I was six weeks pregnant with my first baby during the height of the pandemic when I first contacted the office. Nervous, anxious, excited, scared, you name it, I probably felt it. I wanted to find a doctor that would be straightforward with me but also relatable and friendly. I found that in Dr. Boxill. I will always remember that first visit. She told me, do not Google,  if there is anything strange, give me a call instead. After that, I knew we were in the right place. 
During my journey, I was diagnosed with GDM, and the baby was in a breeched position. I will never forget Dr. Boxill telling me that if the baby wants to turn, she will, and if she doesn’t, there’s probably a reason why she’s in that position. Guess what? She didn’t! She was pretty comfortable sitting on my hips. C section, here we come. 
In the OR, she was confident and collected. The baby was out after a few minutes, and I got stitched up. My scar now is so neat and barely visible. 
Post-Op, she was a phone call away from discussing anything related to the surgery, postpartum, and breastfeeding. I best believe I used that number and got speedy responses and solutions. 
Nineteen months later, I missed monthly visits with Janelle, Nurse Brown, and Dr. Boxill. They are a great team that will make anyone’s doctor-patient experience memorable.  I highly recommend having Dr. Boxill as your OBGYN. 
Elysee G

Today’s Woman have made these visits lighter and easier, and this is due to the excellent quality of care that I have received as a patient. Dr. Boxill has a bubbly yet gentle and down-to-earth disposition; she is very comprehensive in her consultations and has taken the time to address my concerns. Her support staff has always extended superb customer service. They are a friendly bunch and have been consistently professional and considerate in my interactions with them, especially on visits that have not brought good news. My experience here has recently been bittersweet in that I’ve endured a few miscarriages. Still, I am truly satisfied and comforted knowing that I have received the best care. I am grateful to Dr. Boxill and her staff for attending to not just my issues with pregnancy but my regular annual checks. For me, what matters is a positive, all-encompassing experience, and that’s precisely what you will find at Today’s Woman

Tonya D

My experience as a patient of Dr. Boxill has been wonderful. First, the office is an absolute delight. It is adorned with beautiful paintings, lovely furniture, and entertainment to engage you while you wait. Second, I must also mention the wonderful staff. They are pleasant and attentive throughout every aspect of my care, especially with appointment details and screenings. Finally and importantly, the professional services provided by Dr. Boxill are always executed from a place of her patent deep medical knowledge with care and patience. She is always careful to explain all procedures and the options available. This is particularly important to me since I detest doctors who inflict their options on their patients. Also, she is always accessible when needed in cases of emergency. I appreciate her and her staff’s hard work and dedication and look forward to my girls joining as patients when they become of age.

Candice L

Our experience with Dr. Boxill was an amazing one. From the moment we met with her and for every visit she always made us feel safe, secure and at ease with her calm confidence and wonderful bedside manner. Despite having prenatal complications, she was able to find that delicate balance between mine and our baby’s health and wellbeing. Even in the delivery room she was impressive, doing what needed to be done with that unwavering confidence, focus and purpose. Having her, Janelle and Nurse Brown with us for our journey was one of the best decisions we ever made and they’re nothing less than superstars.

Kimberley and Matthew

I am very happy to be under the care of Dr Boxill . Eleven years ago, I had to change my provider with my second pregnancy and I was very nervous at first. Went to Dr Boxill and she was so knowledgeable and down to earth. She put my mind at ease instantly and was always listening to my concerns and guided me along the way. She followed my birth plan to a tee.  All her staff are courteous and welcoming, especially Janelle who always ensures your appointments are made. I highly recommend Dr Boxill, she continues to take great care of me.

Keira H

When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted a doctor who knew her stuff and who I’d feel comfortable with. Dr. Boxill easily fit the bill. Furthermore, she turned out to be everything I didn’t know I needed until I went into preterm labor at 35 weeks—she was responsive and fast acting when I felt a bit off on a Friday afternoon (and was, in fact, in labor); she was a powerful and motivating labor coach through a difficult delivery; and she was a calm, reassuring presence in moments where it was sorely needed. In all, Dr. Boxill is an excellent OB-GYN who manages to be relatable and compassionate through it all. I highly recommend her services. 

Kimberly Mitchell

4. I met Dr. Sandra Boxill when I was pregnant with my first child and I felt instantly at ease. That trust extended not only to my care throughout the pregnancy but to labour and delivery with both of my daughters. I had complete confidence in her to make the right calls for the best possible outcomes. Dr B was extremely supportive of my decisions during the process and was such a calm and reassuring presence in what can be a very difficult and overwhelming time. Grateful for her expertise and her kindness!

Stacey Merry

I was very pleased with the overall care that I received throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Boxill was always very friendly, personable and could put a smile on my face no matter the situation. I have to admit at first I was nervous about my pregnancy being that it was my first child, but I must say that Dr. Boxill’s knowledge and personality put my mind at complete ease, she is always happy and willing to answer any questions and address any concerns I may have had. As far as the delivery everything was perfect! So much so that 1 did it twice. All of this is further complimented by her amazing support staff who is only always a phone call away. We are so forever grateful and blessed to have found Todays Woman, and for Dr. Boxill who has become like family. Thank you for making the experience and all my visits a wonderful one!

Sacha Boothman- Monsegue